PLYMOUTH, MI – Isuzu Motors America, LLC appoints Naoki Oka, Executive Vice President for Isuzu
Motors America, LLC PowerTrain Division. Oka will be responsible for product development, internal
resources and product distribution in The Americas.
With extensive background in engineering products, quality improvements, training, sales and marketing
and OEM customer service, Oka provides an excellent background for leading the PowerTrain Division into
the future of power solutions to meet customer specific needs.
He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Tsukuba, located in Japan in March 1980.
In April 1980, Oka joined Isuzu Motors Limited (IML).
Through his career with Isuzu Motors Limited Oka has successfully:
• Engineered products from concept to production.
• Developed measurement technologies to improve product quality in overseas transportation.
• Developed a number of programs including those for training, warranty, and specifically
developed the HELP system, a computer system designed to provide after-sales services to
industrial engine OEMs and marine engines customers overseas.
• Became involved in sales and services to OEM customers effectively building relationships,
defining customer requirements, solving quality related issues, and later involved in sales
planning activities.
• Promoted sales and marketing activities in Europe to include orchestrating distributor
• Worked as a Manager in the Engine Assembly Section, helping to work on production lines again
and strived to learn the line-worker skills to achieve production targets. He collaborated and
consulted with the team leader to appropriately allocate human resources, and subsequently
executed the allocation in this role.
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• Spearheaded cross-functional project management and product planning team initiatives.
• Successfully launched a powertrain project for engines and transmissions (specifically 4JJ1,
4HK1, and 6HK1) as Program Management Group Manager in the 700P project, which
determined the destiny of the Isuzu revitalization.
• Successfully launched a project for the heavy duty 6U-Series industrial engine and US EPA Tier 3
compliant industrial engines without delay.

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