We offer a complete selection of accessories to enhance your ownership of Isuzu commercial trucks. Genuine Isuzu Accessories increase overall functionality, boost vehicle performance, significantly increase resale value, and are covered by the vehicle basic limited warranty. All Isuzu accessories are designed and fabricated to meet Isuzu’s rigorous engineering standards as well as any federal, state, or local regulations that may apply. Contact your dealer for the accessories or parts that you need.


AM/FM/CD Radio with AUX and USB

  • Doubles fuel capacity
  • Reduces down time for refueling
  • Diesel trucks only

Floor Mat

  • Custom designed for an outstanding fit
  • Made of durable, non-skid material
  • All-weather design
  • Reduces wear and tear on cab floor


Additional Diesel Fuel Tank

  • Doubles fuel capacity
  • Reduces down time for refueling
  • Diesel trucks only

Air Deflector

  • Deflects air over the top and sides of body to maximize fuel efficiency
  • Made of a durable, high strength fiberglass
  • Custom designed and engineered to fit Isuzu vehicles
  • Easy installation, no drilling required


  • Alarm sounds when vehicle is placed in reverse
  • Audible warning secures the safety of people around by warning them that the vehicle is backing up

AM/FM/CD Radio with AUX, USB and Bluetooth

  • Custom engineered to fit Isuzu vehicles
  • Built in Bluetooth for hands free calling
  • Front panel USB and auxiliary inputs

Block Heater

  • Warms engine coolant for more efficient cold engine start up
  • Reduces the need for prolonged engine warm-ups
  • Improves cold start efficiency

Chrome Grille

  • Enhances appearance of the Isuzu vehicle

Engine Emergency Shutdown System

  • Helps to protect the engine from irreversible damage
  • System provides audible and visual warning signal prior to engine shut down
  • Engine shuts down if coolant level or oil pressure is low or water temperature is high
  • Allows driver time to maneuver the vehicle prior to shut down
  • Diesel trucks only

Fire Extinguisher and Reflector Kit

  • Meets DOT specifications for Regulation 393.5
  • Provides driver safety and the ability to extinguish any potential danger
  • Custom engineered box to fit specifically in rear cargo organizer

Heated Mirrors

  • Prevents the side mirrors from fogging up and collecting ice
  • Custom engineered to fit Isuzu vehicles
  • Operated by pushing a switch inside of the cab

Keyless Entry System

  • Diesel trucks only (only available on 2016 model year and newer)
  • Remotely locks and unlocks driver and passenger door
  • Includes two transmitters

Locking DEF Cap

  • Provides a locking function to deter from DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) theft and vandalism
  • Includes two keys

Locking Fuel Cap

  • Provides a locking function to protect against fuel theft and vandalism Includes two keys

Mirror Bracket for 102" Wide Body

  • Improves driver’s visibility along truck body Custom designed and engineered to fit 102″ wide truck bodies

Oil Pan Heater

  • Warms oil pan and oil, prolonging engine life, especially in cold climates
    Improves cold start efficiency Diesel trucks only

PTO Enable Switch and Engine Idle Up Switch

  • Switch allows the vehicle to be used for special Power Take-Offapplications (dump truck, garbage truck, towing, etc.) Driver can easily switch from driving mode to PTO mode Diesel trucks only

Rear Body Dome Light Switch

  • Easily accessible switch inside cab to control the light in the rear body

Seat Covers

  • Designed and tailored for outstanding fit Available in black vinyl Offers a factory look, fit and finish Reduces wear and tear on seats

Suspension Seat

  • Increases users comfort
  • Reduces driver fatigue
  • Weight adjustment knob for personalized suspension settings
  • Custom designed and engineered to fit N series vehicles
  • Easy installation

Vertical Exhaust

  • Allows vertical relocation of exhaust system for specific body options (sweeper, etc) Diesel trucks only